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The main objectives

The objectives and results at the end of the projects are: O1: At least 70% of students in the target group will be familiar with mobile application development requirements O2: At least 50% of students will actively contribute to the active creation of new mobile applications O3: At least 90% of students attending transnational meetings will improve their digital skills O4: At least 80% of participants will improve knowledge of foreign cultures O5: At least 70% of participants will improve communication skills in English and other languages of partners O6: All participants will develop tolerance, mutual respect and intercultural understanding O7: All project team members and students will improve organizational, teamwork and data manipulation skills. The project is expected to produce both tangible and intangible results during project implementation and completion. The tangible results obtained during the implementation of the project refer to: – 1 course book entitled “Mobile Apps for Schools” – Mobile applications developed by students – a set of initial and final questionnaires based on which we will work out the impact study – 1 impact study – 1 web site, 1 Facebook page, 1 eTwinning account, 1 Facebook chat group, 1 WhatsApp group – 4 minutes and evaluation reports – 2 minutes and evaluation reports – a general dissemination plan – 1 risk management report – 100 Europass mobility documents – 100 Europass CVs were completed – 100 Europass Language Passports – 100 participation certificates – 5 presentations of education systems – 5 presentations of countries, regions and schools – 5 sets of dissemination materials (chronologically archived by each responsible for the dissemination) – 2 interim and final reports – photos / movies Intangible results refer to the achievement of the project objectives at a professional, cultural, linguistic and social level: – Knowledge acquired in connection with the development of mobile applications, criteria for evaluating mobile applications – Active involvement in mobile application development – improving digital skills – Improving critical thinking skills – improving communication skills in English and other languages – increasing tolerance, respect and understanding of other cultures – improving organizational, presentation, data manipulation and teamwork skills. The quality of the project outcome will be evaluated through various evaluation tools and the results will be included in the impact study at the end of the project.